So What About Canary Diamonds?!

Here’s my advice on Canary diamonds. Take it or leave it:

First of all, these are stones you don’t find every day (nvm I guess you do). A canary is a brilliant pure yellow diamond. There are four major categories of fancy-yellow diamonds. Arranged from low grades to high grades are Light, Fancy, Intense and Vivid yellows. The greater the hue, the more high-priced the stone is going to be while only the vivid-yellow grade is identified as a authentic canary diamond. Authentic canary diamonds are just 1 in every 1000 out of all diamonds, which makes it an exceptionally rare gem that, combined with popular demand, often makes it hard to purchase.

Setting Of The Canary Diamond

A fabulous vivid yellow diamond appears its most incredible with a setting that permits maximal exposure to light. This boosts the extraordinary glowing yellow which is distinctive to this dazzling gemstone. When seeking a setting for your canary diamond ring, keep away from enclosed settings which encircle a large part of your diamond, for example a channel and bezel setting. This style of confined setting is superb for many diamonds but can smother the elegance of the canary gemstone. Furthermore, try to avoid yellow gold for the canary diamond and preferably go for a white gold or platinum setting, which will contrast the deep yellow.

Canary Diamond Grades

Anyone looking to invest in a diamond ought to are aware of the Four-Cs of diamonds. They are critical grading categories relating to a gem that help to ascertain its price. The Four Cs are: carat, cut, clarity, and color. The following sections will summarize features of cut, color, clarity, and carat, uniquely regarding the canary.

Cut of the Canary

Cut is considered the most crucial feature in a canary. It is simply because the cut is the one most significant component for the brilliance of the diamond. Sometimes the quality of the cut is sacrificed in an effort to maximize raw carat weight. With regard to the canary, it is important to keep clear of such instances. A canary really should prioritize cut over carats, just because the trademark of a yellow diamond is its brilliant hue.

Carat of the Canary

The cost of a canary exponentially soars based on carat weight. Unsurprisingly, canaries with larger carat weight are often some of the most costly diamonds. Lower carats are substantially less costly. If there is ever a choice among raw carat weight and cut quality, give priority to the cut, given that the canary is prominent for intense brilliance more than anything else.

Canary Gem Clarity

A better grade of clarity is certainly more desirable but due to its vibrant hue, a canary diamond is notably more lenient relating to inclusions or blemishes. You may still buy a quite lovely canary at a marginally lesser clarity grade compared with a white diamond. Consider this in case you are in search of canary diamonds with a restricted budget.


As previously noted, the more dark the yellow shade is, the higher its value is going to be. It is the vibrant tone which makes the canary so spectacular and distinctive. Put Colour (together with cut) as a top priority when looking for your canary.

Investment Future of the Canary Diamond

On account of rarity and the vibrant yellow tone, a superb quality canary diamond is a very high priced diamond, well beyond the value of the equivalent white diamond. The high price of canaries place these gemstones over the resources of a considerable number of diamond consumers.

Nonetheless right now is most likely the best time to invest in this gemstone. There’s not any sign that present sources of the canary diamond will increase. By most indications, demand in these gemstones will increase, resulting in skyrocketing prices. Hence, owing to rarity and rising demand, canary diamonds are likely a superb gem to invest in.

Precious Rings for Engagement - Some of My Pointers

Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring
So first of all, I’m a big fan of emeralds for engagement rings. And yes, I’m assuming you’ve found that significant other that you want to commit the rest of your life with. Yet, selecting the engagement ring might seem like a daunting, but required duty. Diamonds are the classic pick for such rings. The predicament is, with numerous colours, sizes and models on the market, how does the hopeful groom settle upon the perfect diamond ring for his fiance-to-be? This document deals with a number of the most important tips that will help you choose the optimal diamond ring.

Metal Alloys

Not that long ago, yellow or ‘gold’ gold had been the customary precious metal but in recent times, an assortment of rare materials are becoming popular selections for diamond engagement and wedding day rings. This list will go over a number of the valuable materials you could select on the ring.

Platinum is often the most expensive alternative to employ for band. Platinum is regarded as a smooth and soft radiant metal having fashion and elegance which appears brighter than 'white' gold alloy. Platinum is close to the most valued metals on the planet, much more than gold, helping to make platinum engagement rings a luxury item.

Deciding Upon the Style and Design for a Ring

gemstone in addition to the entire fashion for your band must definitely correspond with the personality of your girl. While selecting a proposal ring, you need to be extremely alert to your lover's tastes along with lifestyle.

Consider the following questions:will the lady prefer bulkier and/or luxurious products or else simpler or smaller styles? Is her clothing professional or casual? Does she have mainly silver-colored jewelry or more yellow gold metal? There are numerous fashions to bear in mind, listed below are some ideas to get started:

- A good ring must fit with the unique character of the woman who will own it. A woman that normally dresses in jeans as well as a t-shirt seven days a week will probably be best suited for a stylish yet subdued ring band to complement this typical way of life, while on the other hand, a formal dresser would likely prefer a heavier and expensive diamond ring with a larger center stone.

These tips are several of immeasurable possibilities you may pick from when considering your band.